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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

my earrings!

I was freaked out a couple of months ago when I couldn't find my bag of earrings and somehow resigned myself that they were all gone. I've gone to a lot of travelling without my earrings for the past 3 months and I felt really bad because I bought my collection of earrings from places where I've gone to vacation or a trip. I just couldn't shop for new ones because (a) I couldn't afford them (b) stupid sentimental values (c) I couldn't accept the fact that I unconsciously threw them away in the garbage!

I have been thinking of these stupid things for some time now and just when I just got myself used to the fact that I have to replenish my jewelry, I started to forget everything about it and when I decided to buy some books online and was not able to decipher the damn expiration date of my credit card, I started rummaging through my pile of mails and suddenly... VOILA! I found my earrings!!!!

I was so happy I forgot about the online shopping for a few seconds. And then stashed my new found treasure on my kikay bag and clicked ORDER.

Closure at last!


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