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Monday, January 26, 2009

bedroom voices

I'm not being kinky here. I am actually thinking of paint colors for our bedroom and we settled on brown for the walls. Our place is currently painted white all over the place, as opposed to the golden brown hue of our parquet floors and kitchen cabinets. The walls will be painted brown (dark brown, I haven't decided on the glaze yet) and the ceiling will be left white. The bedroom and bathroom (located adjacent to the bedroom) doors and door frame will be painted brown, too. At the living room, with all the walls in pristine white, the only splash of brown color that will be seen is the brown door and door frame. Since the living room has some sort of wooden wedge at the edges of the wall and floors, I'll have that painted the same shade of brown as well. A good contrast for the whites of the walls and the golden brown of the parquet floors. I'll end up hanging heavy drapes of vivid colors, either brown, red, gold, orange or yellow to brighten up the living room at night. I don't worry about daylight since 2 of our living room walls are all windows and there's plenty of light during the day. I may need to find a rather nice chandelier to hang and good spotlights to install on the beams for great lighting at night. Or maybe, I'll just get some wall candle sconces for a romantic feel (and conservation of power hehehe)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

moving-in excitement

This week marks our ownership of our very own flat located at FBGC. We are very excited and I was so busy planning and thinking and browsing on how to furnish our place that even at work, I sometimes stop whatever I was doing so I could write down something that I should remember to buy or provide for the flat. Just so I could keep up with everything that's popping into my head, I finally wrote everything on an Excel file at the office. I did the same thing today, here at home. Here's the list that I came up with and I'm still stuck on how to do or afford some of these but hell, who cares? It doesn't hurt to write down everything you want. Especially since we'll be living on that flat forever. While I was doing these lists and computing the amount needed to furnish the place, I suddenly felt grateful for all the gifts we received on our wedding. They're all still there in my bedroom at my parent's house and it helps a lot to not think of buying all those stuff anymore.

Things to do here.
1. Transfer turnover fees to the realtor's bank account
2. Wait for my broker's email when my loan gets through and availability of my keys.
3. Buy and send the following:
- Electric portable IH Cooker
- Curtains
- IH Pans & Pots
- Dining Set and pyrex bowls
- Wall clock

Things to do there.

1. Make a final inspection after I get my keys.

2. Have the bedroom interior and closet painted.
3. Have the following installed:
- Curtain rods and curtains.
- Water heater at the bathroom
- Shower doors
4. Find a chandelier for the living room, bedroom and kitchen.
5. Get a refrigerator
6. Get a chaise, a kitchen table, and a bed.
7. Get airconditioners for living room and bedroom, and an electric fan.
8. Get a phone line and ADSL subscription
9. Get trash cans and trash bags.
10. Cleaning things: rugs, vacuum cleaners, towels

Things to do later.
1. Get a washing machine and dryer.
2. Get a plasma TV and cable subscription
3. Get a range hood
4. Get a rug or a carpet
5. Get other furnishings (bookshelf, kitchen counter)
6. Get a sofabed and a dining table.

My list still goes on and on, but those are the things I can do without for a while. I might stay over at my parents' house for a few more months until everything gets done or until the place becomes habitable. I do hope to move as soon as possible.

Friday, January 16, 2009


One of the earliest pictures with office mates in Japan that I have on file. From left: Jolly, Neil, Andrew, Pete, Benedict, Cecil, Onin, Ray, Anna, Boots, Chary and Me.
Here's one with the first tsonggos. From left: Pierre (RIP), Alvin, Reno, Bert, Leah, Kat, Mami Bing, Pogs and Me

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

May 22, 2004

I was just browsing through my old files and found some really old pictures that are soooo funny I would have loved to post them here, but too embarassed to do so. So instead, I am posting a commemorative picture of the very first time I ever got drunk. It was on a summer vacation at Subic with the tsonggos and Jo's family. We rented 2 cottages at SBMA, and spent the whole night drinking that dump of beer at the freezer. Everybody was dancing, howling, singing, throwing up, whatever awful things drunkards do. We didn't stop at the beer, I think. We still had a couple of shots of tequila after that and I remember somebody throwing up on the floor after one round of shots. And then we went swimming the next day.

Those were the good days. I'll try to find a picture of the 2nd time I got drunk. I remember an awful picture of me passed out on a carpet with a 1000yen bill beside me and a video of me and my manager dancing.. hahaha! I hope to never find those.

happy new year!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This year

I don't dare make a new year's resolution. However, I do have things I would really, really like to do this year. I put up a list, no particular order, and here goes:

1. Move out of my parent's house and settle down on our new place. Make a home for ourselves, remove, if not reduce, my single-habits (excessive shopping, etc etc), decorate our place to make it a home.
2. Live healthy, get lots of exercise. Walk. Run on weekends. Wake up early.
3. Commute. No driving to work anymore once we start to live on our own.
4. Road trip to Bicol (already planned with the tsonggos).
5. No giving of first-aid kits as gifts. (lessons learned from Donits).
6. Save money
7. Celebrate my husband's birthday with close friends.
8. Go on a long vacation with husband.
9. I'm wishing for short-term business trips, no more long-term trips.
10. Meet Sybil, Leah and Sheryl for lunch and catch up.
11. Meet Leah, Jill and/or Carla.

Friday, January 09, 2009

knock knock

Today was particularly a nakakatamad day at work because (a) it's Friday (b) it's freezing cold (c) it's the day right before a long weekend (d) not feeling well and (e) our bosses are not around. So the whole day, while we were lounging on our desks, between trying to get some work done and blowing my nose, I finally got the early symptoms of fever. I asked Bea for a Tempra tablet and laid the tablet on the table. Francis saw the tablet and our conversation went absurdly like this:

Frankie: (looking dubiously at the tablet)
Ako: Gusto mo? Candy to.
Frankie: Ano? Biogesic yan eh!
Ako: Hindi! Baket may MJ na nakasulat sa tablet?
Frankie: Hindi! Basta Biogesic yan!! (his voice getting a little bit higher)
Ako: Eh M at J nga eh.. alangan namang Miojesic?
Frankie: Oo nga, Miojesic (using a ngongo-sounding voice)
Bea: Ano???? (natatawa nako dito)
Frankie: Miojesic nga. Yung "Take that Mio-jesic. MIO-JESIC!" (singing)
Bea: Para kang ngongo (laughing)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Family Picture

Family Picture Take 1: Tingnan nyo si Mami hihihihi! (sya yung nakanganga)

Family Picture Take 2: Tingnan nyo si Dadi, sumisilay kay Mami hehehehe

Family Picture Take 3: Walang nag-pose. Pramis, wala ka talagang makukuhang matinong picture ng pamilyang to na hindi stolen.

Ito na lang, at least, nagpose kami. Yun lang, maling lugar.. hahaha! Hindi kami yung 50 years old!

Jan 5, 2009

First working day sa office:

Frankie: s**t, bat ganito ito? (looking at his explorer sa office PC nya)

Frankie: ahhh.. kaya pala hindi ko maintindihan. Chinese pala.

-------------* -------------------*-----------------------*

Sobrang lamig sa office namin, at labag pa sa kalooban naming ilabas mga kamay namin para mag-code mula sa pagkakasuksok sa aming pwet para mainitan. OA na pagtitipid yan, mas mainit pa sa labas ng office kesa sa loob! Suggestion ni Francis, magdala kami ng comforter (yung malaki) at mag-share share kaming 3 magkakatabi sa paggamit para magpainit habang nagtatrabaho.