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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Japanese culture classes

Today's Japanese class was not really Japanese language class, but Japanese culture classes. Today, we learned the different types of Kimono Japanese ladies wear here in Japan and on what occasion these Kimono were being used. It was an interesting class and we learned a lot of new words to add to our vocabulary.

Second half of today's class were devoted on "dress up and take a picture" for the students.

Our teacher, Satou-sensei, taught us how to put on a yukata (summer casual kimono) and apparently, only a few people are able to dress by themselves with a kimono. We got paired in twos and these was when we get to dress up our partner.. hahaha! I hope I didn't pull Ma's Obi tightly when I tied the ribbon on her back.

We had a lot of fun dressing up, posing flirtatiously at the camera when pictures were taken (none of those "erotic" pictures are here) and our class coordinator, Kaneko-san, was the designated photographer when we had to have a group picture taken. All students got to wear a really nice yukata, even Jeff, who were provided the men's version of it. Oh and yes, we had 2 birthday celebrants! 1 was Jasmine (the pretty one in violet yukata, holding a miniscule cake) and the other one was one of our class coordinators (I am so sorrry, I really don't know her name.. so embarrassing)

Oh, by the way, I thought we have the prettiest teachers and if we had more than 1 guy in class, they'd probably spend most of their time ogling instead of listening to class... hihihihihi!


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