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Sunday, January 04, 2009


I just came in today. It will take me awhile to post everything that's happened on my vacation but I will begin with these:

1. Blooper of the day: Nobody remembered to ask for Pao's room key from Jeff.
Hayun, he's camping on Frankie's place.
2. What NOT to give as a Christmas gift: Portable first aid kit with a set of 3 Chap Sticks lip balm.
3. Quotable quote from my annoying seatmate at the plane:
"Yan ang mahirap sa maraming bulsa na bag eh, ang hirap maghanap ng gamit" (she was referring to her own backpack) Sarap batukan. Kung maiinis ka rin pala, eh di sana di ka bumili ng bag na maraming bulsa noh. (Okay, I was sooo annoyed because she went on yakking and yakking on that irritating voice on the WHOLE 4hr flight!)

Happy New Year!


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