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Friday, January 09, 2009

knock knock

Today was particularly a nakakatamad day at work because (a) it's Friday (b) it's freezing cold (c) it's the day right before a long weekend (d) not feeling well and (e) our bosses are not around. So the whole day, while we were lounging on our desks, between trying to get some work done and blowing my nose, I finally got the early symptoms of fever. I asked Bea for a Tempra tablet and laid the tablet on the table. Francis saw the tablet and our conversation went absurdly like this:

Frankie: (looking dubiously at the tablet)
Ako: Gusto mo? Candy to.
Frankie: Ano? Biogesic yan eh!
Ako: Hindi! Baket may MJ na nakasulat sa tablet?
Frankie: Hindi! Basta Biogesic yan!! (his voice getting a little bit higher)
Ako: Eh M at J nga eh.. alangan namang Miojesic?
Frankie: Oo nga, Miojesic (using a ngongo-sounding voice)
Bea: Ano???? (natatawa nako dito)
Frankie: Miojesic nga. Yung "Take that Mio-jesic. MIO-JESIC!" (singing)
Bea: Para kang ngongo (laughing)


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