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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This year

I don't dare make a new year's resolution. However, I do have things I would really, really like to do this year. I put up a list, no particular order, and here goes:

1. Move out of my parent's house and settle down on our new place. Make a home for ourselves, remove, if not reduce, my single-habits (excessive shopping, etc etc), decorate our place to make it a home.
2. Live healthy, get lots of exercise. Walk. Run on weekends. Wake up early.
3. Commute. No driving to work anymore once we start to live on our own.
4. Road trip to Bicol (already planned with the tsonggos).
5. No giving of first-aid kits as gifts. (lessons learned from Donits).
6. Save money
7. Celebrate my husband's birthday with close friends.
8. Go on a long vacation with husband.
9. I'm wishing for short-term business trips, no more long-term trips.
10. Meet Sybil, Leah and Sheryl for lunch and catch up.
11. Meet Leah, Jill and/or Carla.


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