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Monday, January 26, 2009

bedroom voices

I'm not being kinky here. I am actually thinking of paint colors for our bedroom and we settled on brown for the walls. Our place is currently painted white all over the place, as opposed to the golden brown hue of our parquet floors and kitchen cabinets. The walls will be painted brown (dark brown, I haven't decided on the glaze yet) and the ceiling will be left white. The bedroom and bathroom (located adjacent to the bedroom) doors and door frame will be painted brown, too. At the living room, with all the walls in pristine white, the only splash of brown color that will be seen is the brown door and door frame. Since the living room has some sort of wooden wedge at the edges of the wall and floors, I'll have that painted the same shade of brown as well. A good contrast for the whites of the walls and the golden brown of the parquet floors. I'll end up hanging heavy drapes of vivid colors, either brown, red, gold, orange or yellow to brighten up the living room at night. I don't worry about daylight since 2 of our living room walls are all windows and there's plenty of light during the day. I may need to find a rather nice chandelier to hang and good spotlights to install on the beams for great lighting at night. Or maybe, I'll just get some wall candle sconces for a romantic feel (and conservation of power hehehe)


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