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Sunday, January 25, 2009

moving-in excitement

This week marks our ownership of our very own flat located at FBGC. We are very excited and I was so busy planning and thinking and browsing on how to furnish our place that even at work, I sometimes stop whatever I was doing so I could write down something that I should remember to buy or provide for the flat. Just so I could keep up with everything that's popping into my head, I finally wrote everything on an Excel file at the office. I did the same thing today, here at home. Here's the list that I came up with and I'm still stuck on how to do or afford some of these but hell, who cares? It doesn't hurt to write down everything you want. Especially since we'll be living on that flat forever. While I was doing these lists and computing the amount needed to furnish the place, I suddenly felt grateful for all the gifts we received on our wedding. They're all still there in my bedroom at my parent's house and it helps a lot to not think of buying all those stuff anymore.

Things to do here.
1. Transfer turnover fees to the realtor's bank account
2. Wait for my broker's email when my loan gets through and availability of my keys.
3. Buy and send the following:
- Electric portable IH Cooker
- Curtains
- IH Pans & Pots
- Dining Set and pyrex bowls
- Wall clock

Things to do there.

1. Make a final inspection after I get my keys.

2. Have the bedroom interior and closet painted.
3. Have the following installed:
- Curtain rods and curtains.
- Water heater at the bathroom
- Shower doors
4. Find a chandelier for the living room, bedroom and kitchen.
5. Get a refrigerator
6. Get a chaise, a kitchen table, and a bed.
7. Get airconditioners for living room and bedroom, and an electric fan.
8. Get a phone line and ADSL subscription
9. Get trash cans and trash bags.
10. Cleaning things: rugs, vacuum cleaners, towels

Things to do later.
1. Get a washing machine and dryer.
2. Get a plasma TV and cable subscription
3. Get a range hood
4. Get a rug or a carpet
5. Get other furnishings (bookshelf, kitchen counter)
6. Get a sofabed and a dining table.

My list still goes on and on, but those are the things I can do without for a while. I might stay over at my parents' house for a few more months until everything gets done or until the place becomes habitable. I do hope to move as soon as possible.


  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger Angeli said…

    hi hazel. so have you thought what theme you'd have for your unit? minimalist, asian, mediterranean, parisian inspired?


  • At 11:28 PM, Blogger Marts said…

    hahaha.. as inspired by the land of the rising sun, I go for the minimalist and warm colors with a touch of bright colors hehehe. Bye bye bulky furnitures, hello high tech and compact appliances. I am actually keeping my mom out of the dark about the whole thing dahil baka ipagpilitan nya ang narra furnitures sa aking limited floor space.. I'll drag you around with me when we go shopping for furnitures and stuff. heheehehe!


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