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Monday, April 25, 2005

trust over better judgment

When you have a situation with the burden of a promise of not telling anyone, is it OK to seek help in the event of breaking the promise? I am still thinking  over the things that happened recently and I was sooooo angry when something happened that I could have fixed IF they didn't keep it from me. The only reason I received was because they promised not to tell anyone. And yet, they did'nt fixed it. I was soooo angry at them for not telling me and for the past few days, I was wondering if I'd do the same if I faced the same situation. Today, I came up with a conclusion: I'd break my promise if it meant a fixup, a release to their problems, even if hell breaks lose. I'd seek somebody else's help to ease whatever burden they're or I'm bottling up inside. Keeping it secret on your own without doing anything gives more damage than breaking the promise itself.

I wish they'd stop keeping things from me when I'm on the middle of it.