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Monday, December 13, 2004


I meant literal pain.. not emotional pain.. I have great tolerance in pain but this one time, last wednesday, that the greatest of my tolerance fell apart.. I cried soo much for the pain I felt that I didn't care if the whole world saw me cry in pain.

My pinkie on my right hand was caught between the doors of the taxicab as I got off at Petron in Metropolitan Park (Diosdado Macapagal Ave).

I couldn't keep my composure.. I was crying so hard I just stood there, burying myself to Bert's armpits because my finger was suddenly numb and very, very, very, very painful. It felt so hot and numb. Just numb. My father was supposed to pick me up there on the gasoline station that day and when I saw him, I walked to him, with tears streaming down my face (and with the gasoline boys staring at me. Shit.). My father was quite alarmed when he saw me crying. The moment he saw me, he asked me "Anong nangyari sa yo??" and then he looked at Bert (hahaha! He must have thought he did something violent to me). And like a 4-yr-old kid, I just howled and showed him my finger, then turning violet already.

It's funny now, but it was very serious then. Tears were still streaming down my face until we reached home. I went directly to my room, changed into my pajamas and slept crying and trying to nurse my soon-to-die fingernail.

I had fever all night and all morning the next day. The nails on my pinkie were my favorites since they were the smallest of all my large fingernails and I hate to see it dying everyday.. violet color getting darker everyday (it's now dark blue).. and my finger still numb. I hope I didn't break a bone.