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Monday, March 28, 2005

getting over somebody

seeking closure from past relationships is a somewhat disoriented way to move on. closure is not something you look for but it's something you decide on. it's like.. to go or not to go... 0 or 1.. a very basic binary decision-making concept. sometimes, when you lose a little of yourself over something big (like getting dumped, for example), you see all the 2D images as if they're as complex as the square-root of -1.

it's such a geeky explanation but true. at least from my experience anyway.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

hobbies revived from the dead.

I've been watching Naruto since last saturday and I'm beginning to think I'm an addict. It's my 3rd puyat day and my head starts swimming everytime I start concentrating on my work.

These past weeks, I only enjoyed watching shows that does not require a great deal of thinking and concentration. I already get drained with the demands of everyday work requirements and overtime that I reject anything that would make me vulnerable to insanity and overload. Not that I'm not up to the challenge but with the natural effects of physical exhaustion, its just too much to do the same intellectually challenging work even at home.. I decided to revive my old hobbies which I never, ever had the leisure of doing so when I was still back home. I'm catching up with my cross-stitching (yes.. I can do that..:-P), my manga (Japanese comics)-reading (currently hooked-up with Ranma comics.. in japanese, of course) and the recently-acquired hobby: manga watching... hehehehe! I'm now hooked up with Naruto.. damn that show.. it's the reason why I stay up to 2am just ogling over my monitor.. hihihihi!


Oh yeah... I passed JLPT level 2.. YAY! I'm just on the border of the passing score, but what the heck... I don't care... I passed! I get to savour the bounty on this month's payroll.


I got myself a nice shiny printer last weekend... great printer.. I've GOT to love it for I already bought it. tee-hee-hee! The only reason that I got myself a printer is that I am too tired to continue journal-writing that I intend to document my stay here thru a photo-journal instead.. and also because I couldn't afford the digital camera I wanted soooooo much. The great printer that it is... I can print even without connecting to the computer.. yup yup! just plug in your memory card or a USB memory key or whatever USB-interfaced storage device you have and VOILA! You can browse the pictures thru the itsy bitsy lcd monitor then select and print! print! print!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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A picture is worth a thousand words... :D

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

the monster in me....

sometimes makes me want to.....

1. set a fire or blow up the office with a bomb (with me laughing BWAHAHA on the background)
2. spread a kind of virus that deletes the HDD MBR onto the office network.
3. trip our bosses or "best friends" while they are walking head high in front of visitors.
4. retort really sarcastic remarks to some bosses or bossy people.
5. punch and break the nose of the HR officer
6. put a cockroach on our very grouchy japanese officemate's desk (we nicknamed her "lola")
7. sleep soundly on the middle of a useless meeting
8. spread a juicy rumor about someone.
9. kick a fat cat walking lazily on the street.
10. create a kind of panic out of nothing.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


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Ok, we finally got ourselves pictures of us in uniform... luckily, I didn't wear mine (except the jacket) that day. bwahahaha!

All we need are badges to stick onto our jacket pockets to pass as police officers.. tee hee hee!

And we qualified ourselves as factory workers too! (You should have seen those men who eat lunch with their uniforms covered in grease)

overexposure to projectors

... makes your mind wander around for hours and your eyes bloodshoot. Projectors really have that effect on men. 6.5 hours of meeting, staring at the projected image.. and then back at the computer.. then back at the person talking.. dammit.. it's making me feel neurotic.

that was my day today.. looonngggggg hours of meeting. coffee served during the meeting was THE all time high! all time high for a coffee addict anyway...

and then, i have to bear the technical explanations I heard 3 times already.. repeated for the newcomer's sake.. then have to pretend I was listening to the arguments.. (they were arguing about source code COMMENTS, for christ's sake!)... not really important..

i have more meeting days to come.. 2 more days.. no spec-writing hour.. have to check all the kanji words and the japanese grammar of the spec (dammit, send the spec to the engineers back home, they'd get it. we don't write specs for the translators! dammit dammit dammit!)

and my sinigang got spilled during lunch. another DAMMIT!!! i was sooo looking forward to that soup..

projectors.... man's curse to the meeting rooms.. it's a bioweapon that causes neurosis.. and sore eyes.. dammit.