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Saturday, November 20, 2004

0 going on 0.083years old

baby zoe,
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Zoe is 1 month old today!!! I still don't have her 1 month old baby picture but this will do.. she was just around 2wks old in this one..

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Our little angel

New member of the family
Baby Zoe,
originally uploaded by marts.
The baby is here, finally!!! Me and my father were quite anxious for the baby to come out because eversince the doctor told my sister that she'd be giving birth soon, me and my father decided on a 12-hour shift on the availability of drivers in taking my sister to the hospital. I'd be night shift and papa would be day shift. I was so praying that my sister gives birth in broad daylight as I may be more panicked than everyone else because I do not know what to do. Luckily, it was papa's shift when my sister gave birth.

Anyway, my sister was sent home after 24 hours at the hospital. We were all sooo waiting for the baby at home and now, here she is, at 3wks old, looking healthy and cute..

Saturday, November 13, 2004

A man and the sun

Zay is 25 years old. She's not having the best time of her life but still, there's nothing that she can complain about. She lives on her own, decided to move out when she started working in the financial district of the city. She visits her family who lives in the outskirts of the city once in a while when she misses them. They're not the perfect family but she can always go home when she feels like she needs the family for a company.

Her day starts with an early hot shower, her morning coffee and some croissant, the soft one. She doesn't eat cold breakfast as it makes her stomach churn and end up sick. Morning person that she is, she wakes up early in the morning, and start to drive to the office. Her flat is not too far away from the office so sometimes she drives to work, and on cool mornings, she decides to commute to work, get off a few blocks from her office building and walk slowly from there to the office. There's nothing more relaxing than a slow walk, on a nice cool and windy morning weather.

As she was walking on her way to the office one cool morning, she was so absorbed with her thoughts on how annoyed she was with her current compulsive purchases and how to save up the money insted that she didn't notice a man running away from a swarm of heavyset, rugged-looking men. The man being chased was not so tall yet stocky. She noticed because he ran into her and managed to get a glimpse of his face, side view. He had wavy hair and tanned and he smelled like the sun. He acted so desperate that he didn't even bother to look up or apologize. The man immediately scurried up and ran away, with the nasty-looking men trailing behind him. One of the men chasing the sun-smelling guy briefly stopped over Zay and yelled, "Are you OK?" Zay just nodded, still startled with all that's suddenly happened.....

Maybe you can drive my car

Txt m ako pag opis ka na at dmating ka ayos at no problem. Park mo sa lilim kung pede.

That's my father's text message on my mobile phone a few hours after he decided to let me use his car on my way to work. I was laughing very hard after reading the message and had to reply because I know he won't be at peace until I do so. I don't blame him since I've been notoriously known in our household to be prone to car accidents. I'm not prone really, its just that the accidents were caused by lack of experience in driving in long distances. But hey, its been a while since the last accident. Its been 8 months, so once I reach 1 year without a scratch of my father's vehicles, I think I'll be fine. I even find myself ready to drive long distances already. I'm now able to train my legs to shift driving from manual to automatic transmission (I still don't like automatic transmission vehicles very much. I think my right leg are abused by the lack of left leg activity on the clutch).

Anyway, what's with men and their cars anyway? Maybe I still don't quite understand the attachment they have on their toys even if I use one. Maybe when I buy my own car, I'll be attached to it too. I'm not really totally ignorant on how a car works since I think I'm exposed enough to the technology. I've been exposed from the assembly line of Toyota cars (in Japan) to even changing tires and car wash! But still, I don't get it. I have male friends who treats their cars like their children. They spend many hours tinkering with whatever's in it and spend a few more hours admiring AND talking about it. Don't they ever get tired? Its a car. I know it's a magnificent piece of machinery but hey, that's enough!

I love driving but still, my father's devotion on his cars are amusing, really.