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Sunday, December 31, 2006

HaPpY NeW yEaR!

Happy New Year!

Hmmn.. I see myself totally busy this year, with the wedding preparations and all, but with me offshore to Japan again in a few days, I hope to accomplish many things even if I'm a little away from home.

So, what shall I do for the year 2007?

1. Continue my weight loss (this is a MUST!)
2. Save, save, save, save, saveeeeee!
3. Cut down on my alcohol intake
4. Weight loss
5. Improve my japanese (sige na nga...)
6. Lessen my temper (ahihihihihi!), more patience
7. Read more books
8. Visit Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore (sana, sana, sana, sana!)
9. More exercise
10. Keep my room clean and orderly.
11. More bulate quality time.

Happy New year once again to one and aLL!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Tanging Yaman
Originally uploaded by marts.
Yesterday's word-of-the-day at Reno-Minerva Nuptials... all started out with Pogs pauso... Of course, not on the picture are: the newlyweds Reno and Minerva, another newlyweds Bin and Rish, another not-so-newlyweds Tintin and Erwin (they were outside, takot si Erwin sa multo eh), and of course, the source of all SLRs: pogie (he was the one taking the picture). Hmmn.. who else? Oh yes, Kat's goo-goo eyes partner Romer (who's back in Cebu) .

SLR... what does it stand for? Pogs said something about light (or was it lens?) range... Helena said something about refraction, Donits said something about light.... eventually, it was Andrew who answered it right .... but alas.. mali din pala.. it meant Single Lens Reflex (hindi pala refraction). Our promil kid Brian (of the First couple) failed to answer it right... asa pa tayo kung masagot ni Pogs.. syempre hinde.. hehehe! Peace!

Anyway, the picture you see here is a product of constant nagging from Pogs (who directed our poses, except maybe for Donits who was so well-bent on showing her shoes). I think it took him around 15 minutes just to get us all moving to that pose.

Wala kaming kinalaman dyan, kagagawan ni Pogs lahat yan.