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Friday, April 23, 2004

i'm all alooneeee!!!

living al alone in a remote place in a foreign country is scary.. scary but fun! I've always had this desire to go away on my own for a few days or so.. after the loonggg hours of work the past few months, I barely had time for my family, friends and loved one. There were many times that my friends called to meet up and just hang out or something but I still get to miss most of them.. that was like the lowest pt. of my life then.. i refused or chose to be quiet not because i don't want to spend time with them.. but because i'm just physically tired and I was just longing for a quiet rest.. which, unfortunately, is not possible at home..

now that I'm here.. all alone at last.. i finally have all those time i wanted for myself.. i may be noisy and all but i always choose to be on my own than with a lot of people.. i've always wanted to live alone.. by with myself and just be the master of my "territory".. maybe because I never really had the luxury of having a privacy back home.. with 7 of us in the family cramping in small apartments since we were kids.. and now that we finally have a house.. each with our own rooms.. that my siblings literally flock to my room and hang out there! not that i don't like their company but there were of course times that I want to kick them out of my room and yell SCRAM!!! or something like that..

strange having a spacious house with all of the people hanging out in just 1 place.. my room, unfortunately..

Saturday, April 17, 2004

living in luxury

everytime i go to japan on a business trip, i always wonder where i would be staying.. the best place of course is the apartment where most of my friends are nearest.. however.. this time.. it's the first time i stayed on a business hotel my manager in RP searched for us to stay.. we never really liked staying on a hotel because it means we have to use a coin laundry and dryer (additional expenses!) and we don't get to cook our own food (i've had enough of japanese food).

this time.. i'm staying in the hotel.. with a stove and sink.. a place for me to cook.. yipee!! and if i was japanese.. maybe i'd be glad because the hotel gives away stuff to clean up your makeup.. and the room has a blow dryer.. a magazine and the works.. the best part is that internet access is FREE in each room!! wireless internet at the hotel lobby and FREE breakfast! cool, isn't it??