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Monday, December 31, 2007

Sosyal Street Food

Okay, these pictures are looonggg overdue. Donits, Kat, Me and Bert went out sometime in November to try out these food and obviously, busog kami. Just look at our happy faces, hehehe! Hmmn... the 4 of us seems to be the only people present sa mga kainan ah.. hahaha! These pictures were taken at Lime88 (Ang Sosyal na street food!) in Paranaque. Pramis, masarap ang food! The staff was very friendly and services were great!The four of us with one of the owners...
Three miss muffets all smiles (Donits and Kat just gobbled up a half box of Royce Chocolates)
Can't remember.. california maki yata to. Basta, masarap sya!
The spicy longganisa
Aha! Ang pinaka-sosyal na kare-kare na nakain ko

Merry Christmas

A few more hours until New Year's Day 2008 and here I am, still posting my christmas escapade. So, how was your christmas? I spent mine at Bert's hometown in Camarines Norte, Bicol. Thanks to my balat sa pwet, my 4-day stay was spent indoors, eat-sleep routine. We took the opportunity to visit the pier at the first rays of sunlight, so there we were, with cousins-in-law Rico and Tiptip, jumping with joy for we were able to see the first signs of light and the glorious sea (so murky due to the rains).

Here's a spoiler: we were drenched in rain 2 minutes after that picture was taken. We had to run for cover, and that explains the towels (the umbrellas are not seen on the picture)

Insanity Report

Mileage accumulated from traveling the Manila-Cavite-Tagaytay-Nasugbu route does not earn any coupons. However, it's what we have been doing insanely these past 2 months from never-ending paperworks to stuff that I never thought of doing until now. So anyway, it was all part of the preparation for the big thing, so I suffer the consequences.

I am posting here a picture of me and the bulate all tired (but happy hihihihi) from our trip to Nasugbu, Batangas for our canonical interview and pre-cana seminar. These pictures were taken from a brief respite (from each other hahaha!)-cum-sightseeing at the Splendido Hotel in Tagaytay on our way home to Cavite from Nasugbu. We both had to stretch our legs and needed to get a breath of fresh air .

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Long time no see

Kat celebrated here 30th birthday at Larga Bar in BF Homes last night. It was bongga! with all of Kat's wellwishers, family, crush (yiheee) making the party lively especially with Faye crooning corrs and 80s (dekada ni Kat hehehe) mellows on "stage". We went high (sa cholesterol) on chicharon bulaklak and sisig and cheese sticks and nachos. Kat was all blooming (see picture above) and happy and about to bash Pogs on the head everytime he opens his mouth about her crush around her family.. hehehe

Well anyway, we had to leave early (around 1130pm), because Pogs had a prior engagement (yeah, blame it all on Pogs. hehehe!)

Kat, Happy Birthday and he's met the parents na! bwahahahaha!