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Thursday, November 30, 2006

lipat-bahay, used-tissues,, romance novels and mad max

Amidst all the busy activities concluding my eviction from my previous place of stay, I even managed to squeeze in cough, colds and high fever into my very busy schedule. Not that I'm complaining. After all, it earned me a 1.5 day bed rest, and unwilling weight loss (yay!) to the expense of the temporary restriction of my sense of smell and taste. It is quite interesting to eat without knowing what you're eating and yet, it felt like you're eating. I imagine that's where "tastes like cardboard" came from.

With my cough, colds and crazy-as-summer-heat fever and the eternal bulate (thank God for his presence! alleluia!) nagging me to eat, drink and rest, I don't know how I got the nerve to act coy (flirtatious is politically correct, I think) like some sick druggie, to the amusement (or is it chagrin?) of my one and only audience (thank God again, for I have only but ONE eyewitness!)

On the onslaught of my light-headedness, 3 DVDs I ordered from arrived. How this fit in to this composition, I don't know. Must be the acetaminophen from Dristan (supposed to taste like apple but it really tastes like crap).

And I still want to keep on reading romance novels, the self-confessed hopeless romantic that I am, but with the constant nagging, nagging and more nagging of the bulate over there, I was banned to use my own PC to "rest".

So now here I am, once more a light-headed malnourished druggie, really nourished with a very spicy curry so I could blow my nose without the headaches, tracing hearts around the face of mel gibson on mad max, the tracing thing being done only in my head, of course.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

early christmas shopping

In lieu of my early christmas vacation (well, not really) comes early christmas shopping. I went hunting for some family gift goodies at Makuhari outlet shop and with the cold winter slowly creeping up my tired feet, I just can't help but be impatient for my bus ride home (thus the picture, courtesy of my other bulate half excitingly tinkering with his brand new camera, his other not-so-old camera was stolen and he was all blaming it on the doctor who drew out a couple of test tubes of blood for his medicals.. which kept me wondering why he brought his camera with him in the first place hehehe). Amidst all the excitement of mega spending on christmas shopping and rish-bading's upcoming wedding comes the eviction notice. Second straight year of eviction from my apartment a few days before my vacation. Same thing happened last year and I just can't find the logic in it. At least, last year, I have a place to live. This year, however, after eviction comes homelessness.. will they throw my stuff out on the trash while I'm out on vacation at home? sheesh!

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