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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

sealed with a bulate

bulate means worm. It's a long story on how that term got to be as it is being used now.

The night before the bulate's birthday, I spent quite some time to write my birthday letter and I really did have a hard time trying to figure out how to fit my gift to that tiny gift wrapper I idiotly purchased before the gift.

Belated happy birthday to my bulate!

Friday, April 21, 2006

clam cram bram blam

I was thinking of cramming for tomorrow's exam but then again, what the heck. I'll rely on my luck and pure guessowrk instead hehehe

Thursday, April 20, 2006

no way, jose

I just remembered that feeling when I had a double shot of tequila on an almost empty stomach. The result: instant knock out!! hahaa! I was suddenly looking at cloudy faces and my head swam over something with the sweet feel of the hot liquid on my stomach, I tried to fight the urge to sleep instead. I do remember everything, of course. I don't believe those things about not remembering anything when you're drunk. It must be a line being used by men a long time ago as a pathetic attempt for an excuse. Give me a break.


I have no issues recently (even work issues..imagine that). I guess this means I'm breezing thru my life these past few weeks. I'm happy. A little sad because I miss my family and friends. I was not able to visit my friends last month because, well, I'm broke. What an issue.

But there are some things that I miss. I miss seeing the tsonggos and hanging out with them. It's been a while. It's such a chore to get together these days because most of us are scattered all over the world.

We'll be having our 2x-a-year-meaningless-exam this saturday. The good part is... I get to see Jo and Rish. I miss them both. Despite being on the same country as it is, we still find it difficult to get together as our companies operate on different calendars (curse them for making us work on national holidays!) and it's just sooooo far away (not to mention my money problem.. I wonder how I got myself on this mess anyway).

I have nothing to complain about. Not yet anyway. And I'm not complaining about anything. Golden Week is coming soon and I'm really, really, really looking forward to a great 9-day vacation!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I was so excited to learn about mIRC and torrents that I spent the whole night of Friday night until 4am saturday morning tinkering on my PC. I was also overexcited with the streaming video stuff posted on youtube that I spent that same time checking what videos are online. Too much excitement rendered me unable to wake up early the next morning to make the hanami at Kamakura together with officemates and Ichihara-sensei that the "unable to make it" group of Chiba members went to a picnic at Chiba Kaihin Park (or so I think the name of the park was...) instead.
Park Lake
We didn't see any sakura trees there (for the park was all soooo, sooo green) but we did see a lot of tulips and a lot of flowers and plants same as home at the Chiba Flower Museum (they setup a special building there that would look like a typical tropical garden where it had trees and flowers we see at a regular garden in the Philippines). We had a nice laugh at the anthurium garden surrounding the man-made mini waterfall and were wondering where on earth did they plant the everlasting flowers.
Chiba Flower Museum Tropical

We had a great time at the picnic, lots of food even if it was prepared at the last minute, and then I enjoyed taking pictures of tulips and the scenery beyond the park.

Our day turned out all right amidst the brief rain (thus the raindrops on the tulips) and night time turned much better when we had a DOTA (it's a type of Warcraft game) challenge back home.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I finally had little work to do today. So little that I was actually bored at work. I deliberately slowed down on my work so I wouldn't run out of work to do. I was so used to being swamped by loads of work that I felt weird for not hurrying up on my taks and for not finding anything to do.

I should be thankful, this only happens once in a couple of years. I shall enjoy every free moment and I would take this chance to go home early and enjoy my un-filtered broadband internet at home.

First signs of Sakura (taken this morning)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I thought being able to do some sports was something very cool that I tried hard so to be good on at least 1 sport. But alas, as much as I want to be good at one, sports doesn't seem to like me. I set my heart out to be good in volleyball since primary school, but unfortunately, I was one of the first kids "voted out" of the team. So I tried some basketball, but with me having the best arm in the world.. the ball wouldn't even reach the ring. I tried badminton.. I was OK but I'm not competition material... same with table tennis. I can play but not good enough even if I try to learn seriously.. then I went bowling and even bought shoes for those.. unfortunately, it's just enough for me to have fun, but not good enough to be on some kind of competition. I tried my luck on billiards, but I never win. Even with our own billiards stuff on our home basement does not help at all.. I always lose. So what else is there? I went winter. I learned how to ski, learned it well, but after taking a look at the winter olympics on TV, there's no way I can reach that! Not in my wildest dreams! I'm just happy enough to know how to ski and then keep myself sliding down the slope on my 2 feet. Oh, I even attempted ballroom dancing! It was OK but I can never be a natural. I can only dance properly if I spent endless hours of practice. So much for my body coordination.

I tried a lot but I still want to try some more. I love skiing the most at this moment, don't know what it will be in the years to come.

Oh wait.. I just remembered.. I think I was good at patintero back in elementary school, that I went to as far as the regional competition. We didn't win, of course.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

years of patience

I started cross stitching as a hobby when I was still in high school. Though I'm not the type of person to just stay in the house and mend someone else's old socks, I kind of enjoy a couple of handicraft works. Well, I had no choice, my mother was so good at doing those things that I kind of got myself to learn them.

I started the Oriental Women project in November 2002, and after 3.5 years, I only managed to finish 1.5 women out of the 4 gigantic ones. I resumed working on it again last month since it is too windy outside to walk around and I'm so broke I had to make myself busy at home.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Family Gathering

Originally uploaded by marts.
It's been a while since I last talked to my family. I miss talking to my father, I miss playing baby games with my niece, and I miss shopping with my sisters. I miss talking about different things with my brothers, and I miss driving my mother around. Japan is so peaceful yet sometimes, too much stress and free time makes me miss the very busy streets of manila, the solemn mass at Lourdes Church in Tagaytay or just the usual book browsing at Powerbooks while waiting for the traffic to untangle themselves.

Third world way of life is definitely exciting!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


..was the last time I got my hands on the internet? yesterday.
..was the last time I updated my blog? new year.
..was the last time I went shopping? long time ago. I getting married? soon, I hope.

I'm back online.. and I wish to update you from here on.

The few months I was offline, I sent my thoughts to my journal.
This time, I hope to give my thoughts to you.