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Friday, September 08, 2006


I have been wondering for quite sometime on what my life would have been if I were a pilot, a soldier or a race car driver. Learning to fly a plane, maybe I still have a chance to learn it. Soldier.. fat chance. I learned step 1 on my way to be a race car driver by learning how to drive. The closest thing I can be to be somewhere within race cars is to be a mechanic. Now that, I'm sure I can still learn.

Friday, September 01, 2006

toilet reading

I have 2 books in my toilet. I setup a tiny bookstand on my tiny toilet a couple of months ago because of this vague recollection of enjoying myself reading a really, really old newspaper while doing potty duties when I was in grade school. I tried this practice on my bathroom at home too, but my mom keeps on removing them everytime she visits my room (and my bathroom).

So to keep my precious books from smelling like some remnants of a toilet (or whatever's being dumped in it), I also set up some scented oils and soaps around the books, praying it will indeed, grace some good smell on my books.

I haven't removed those books yet, even after finishing the 1st one. I'll remember to smell them once I remember to relieve those books of "toilet duty"