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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marriage License

Me and Bert applied for a Marriage License last Nov 15 and we had to sacrifice 1 of our precious vacation leaves to do this because of a seminar and a conselling that is required for the application. The whole application process takes a whole day and the day starts with an 800am counselling session.

It was my first time to visit Makati City Hall and I was surprised because it was the biggest City Hall I have ever seen in Metro Manila (and here I was thinking the Quezon City Hall was huge). There's not much of a crowd and the place is contrary to what I expected (you know, the front steps teeming with fixers and stuff, just like in DFA).

So anyway, it was a rainy thursday morning and we arrived at 730am. The guards wouldn't let us in because it was still too early (they said). By the time we gathered to the 3rd floor after paying the 100 pesos seminar fee,
there were 9 pairs all waiting for the counselling to begin. Due to heavy rains, the counselling started at 9am and we are lucky to have a counselor which used the conversation style of counselling. (Otherwise, I might have snored the whole counselling away....)

The counselling was an interesting affair, with the counsellor telling stories about his own life. It was interesting for the first hour but was rather boring on the last hour because he was so proud of his accomplishments and of his children that the counselling turned into a biopic.

We learned a few important things during the counselling and I was laughing so hard when his last word was "Huwag kayong mag-family planning!", with strong conviction. He was claiming we need to multiply some more because we Filipinos will dominate the world in the future.


Friday, November 23, 2007


This is a picture taken on our trip to Tagaytay to look on some flowers. It was a rather short trip from Imus, from which I had my mother and my sister's measurements taken for their dress next year.

I was supposed to wander around Tagaytay with only Bert in tow but of course, all possible opportunities for my sister, Zoe and mother to wander around with me will always be taken.

mother and daughter...... not!

Last saturday, me and Bert were supposed to go to Tagaytay to look on some flowers but on our way there, I realized that I forgot my driver's license at the Manila Cathedral office. So we had to turn around back to manila to get it back and then drive back again to Tagaytay for the flower. However, due to the usual heavy Saturday traffic at Aguinaldo Highway, we couldn't make it back to Tagaytay on time for our appointment.. Hence, a short visit to SM MOA, with not-so-little Zoe in tow. We looked like a family of three just walking around the christmas trees and the kids' corner.
Little Zoe was soooo promdi when she suddenly blurted a rather loud wooooooooowwwwww! when she saw the huge christmas tree decoration at the center of the mall. And due to incidents involving overflowing diapers while running around National Bookstore, we had to shed off her soaked shorts, and off she went, walking around the biggest mall of all, clad only in her cute top and cute diapers.