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Monday, September 26, 2005

tight shirts

While tight shirts look sexy on some men, it just isn't so for others.

Peace bin!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

fashion statement

Today is just another day... waking early in the morning.. taking my usual morning bath... the usual early morning routine.. I rushed up to work very, very relaxed.. not in a hurry at all since I made the morning GO on the stop-and-go flow of aguinaldo highway to coastal road. As I parked the car and ready to be off to the office, it suddenly hit me that there is something missing... something I've never forgot to take with me forever... my shoes. Damn shoes. I prepared my shoes with the freshly laundered socks this morning and yet, I forgot to take them to work with me.

Now, I'm wearing my loafers (konyo version of tsinelas) over my office uniform inside the office. I hope nobody dare look at my feet today. It's not very interesting anyway. (I thought it could have been more hilarious if I was wearing one of those yellow or red spartan rubber slippers instead hehehehe!)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

flat tire 101

I had another encounter with the third kind yesterday.... 1 nasty flat tire. The wheel was so flat that I was kind of pitiful with the way our 7-yr old car is being treated. The praning driver that I am, I used to always, always take with me the car manual, the pressure gauge and the my pressurized air pump, my new best friend. I've had busted tires, flat tires, underinflated tires, and well, I'm tired. I always feel like a mechanic everytime I get stuck with bad tires.

Last night was kind of different from other encounters. I was especially nervous because I didn't have the necessary tools and I was very, very, very glad that Eden was with me all that time. Thank you, thank you thank you.. mwamwamwa!

Anyway, I had dinner with Kat, Mami Bing, Eden, Pearly and Art last night. It was nice and I just wish Donits were able to join us. I haven't seen her for a while. It could have been nice to hear her encounters with the Indian kind... hehehe!

Monday, September 05, 2005


No matter how many times I come in and out of the country, I always feel different everytime I come back home. It's strange that when I go to Japan, I feel safe and at home and very sure of myself and, strange as it sounds, very, very relaxed. However, everytime I come back, I have this strange feeling of weariness, stress and restlessnes. Maybe because I always have a list of to do items everytime I come back and the thought of completing everything before I leave once again puts me on stress.

Anyway, college buddies planned a lunch out last friday and, unfortunately, I was not able to join due to some stuff at work. Then we got this mail scolding everyone that when someboday asks for a lunch out, everyone should say yes or no. Now, I lost my desire to see them over lunch. :(