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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Getting personal

I haven't been personal on my posts lately. Because of the blog for all people to see (at least, for people who bothers to look, anyway), I limit my posts to general topics. I like to use my blog to rant about things but the things that bother me most still stays with me, inside my heart and inside my head. I used to be sooooo talkative but since I learned that talking or revealing too much of yourself tends to lead to misunderstanding or disinterested replies from your listener, I decided to control myself. I still can't stop myself from blurting things outright sometimes (and it always gets me in trouble to do so), but I'm really trying my hardest to shut up, especially when I'm angry, annoyed, irritated or disappointed. I'd rather keep my opinions to myself.

I don't know what my subdued attitude is affecting but I hope it's all for the good. I'm still trying very hard to keep giving unsolicited advice, information or statements.

Other than that, I now chose not to befriend officemates and to just treat them the business way and not let personal relations interfere with business relations. I was just wondering if my move was right because its effects include being alone on breaks or just simply not being invited to whatever is going on around.

But it doesn't matter. I've made friends with a precious few. Most of them, gone from the office, some of them, still around. It still doesn't matter because what I got is what matters most.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Pogs

We are all in our 30s (or almost, for others) but we still love to just hang out with each other and just spend the day away squabbling, glorify on each others' weaknesses, insult each other, trade showbiz chismis (or at least, just listen to donits and rish trade these info between them hehehehe) , but most of all, we all love to play a game (and insult each other in between).

We may be advancing in our years now, but compared to what we have been doing on our mid-20s (that's us on the pictures on the picture), we all now prefer to just hang around and eat. (THUS, the weight gain compared to the pictures on the picture here). We really need to update our pictures.

So anyway, we went potluck (I still don't know why we had to bring food on someone's birthday party) and Rish and I (who were supposed to be the super cooks), brought fast food (me, KFC. Rish, yellow cab hehehehe). The world must be ending. Donits was finally successful with the dessert (we nicknamed "Duh Yummy Cake", but when uttered by Helena or Eden, it sounds like "Dayami Cake" (Hay Cake) hehehehe)

Well, the world is not yet ending... not yet anyway. We had fun playing Jenga (yeah, yeah.. so childish, you might think. Tell THAT to the lawyer who bought the game hehehe) and Taboo. We were just sooo sorry Donits didn't have the opportunity (or the luck) to topple the tower.
We never did fail to take pictures every time we meet, since our interests has come and gone from digital camera to now SLRs taking their places slinged on our shoulders or necks.

So, all in all.. It was a nice gathering. I wish I could stay for much longer. It just so happened that I need to bring home the baby and the car that I was forced to leave. :-(

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Dresses and High Heels

2008 started off with my wedding, and I was happy to attend Aina's wedding. It was a special occasion to witness Aina and Chow exchange vows, and of course, I was sooo excited to see Aina on her wedding dress.

So anyway, the occasion not only merits Aina's forever after but it was also an opportunity to see old friends. Although Sheryl and Anto were always present everytime we all chose to meet for lunch or dinner once in a while, I still cannot deny the fact that I am always happy to see them. Leah, Freddie and baby Luisa were also there, my first time to meet Leah's husband and daughter. Jayvee, who we met like a million years ago, finally showed up. And of course, I am always happy to see Bin and Rish. It was just too bad, Sybil and Manuel didn't make it. I was soo looking forward to meet them once again.

The wedding was great, the throwing of doves was a short comedy (hehehe). It reminded me of my own wedding when those d****d doves just won't fly away. Great food. Excellent pictures!

All in all, it was a very happy occasion, with me donning a skirt, makeup and 6-inch high heels.

Wedding pictures from my camera is here:
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