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Monday, January 15, 2007

pig out with a bang!

Chiba pips start this year with a diferent kind of bang: food trip! In celebration of pao's birthday, we had a grand time with loads of yakiniku and huge, huge, huggggeee ice cream!
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

May you rest in peace

Our dear bumer passed away on Christmas Day, 12/25/2006. With everyone so busy with the holidays and their personal affairs, nobody noticed that he was sick and was in need of medical attention until it was too late. May he rest in peace and may he forgive us for not taking very good care of him.

** a few days after bumer died, our pair of beautiful lovebirds escaped from their cage and flew away forever, and we haven't named them yet! Our pets seem to be abandoning our household huhuhuhu! I'm just glad our fishes can't go farther away from their fishtanks.... and the load of frogs (or toads?) barging in our house are not welcome so I don't really consider them as members of our households (though they still continue to leap and startle the heck out of us especially at night!)
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Poor Tigger

Poor tigger just died of accidental suffocation while my niece naps peacefully and comfortably!
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

looking back....

.... to my 1 month stay here, I've done a lot of things, it was sooo busy that I barely realized my vacation is almost over. I leave in 2 days' time and I felt like the 1 month passed like a week.

The best thing that happened this month was the tsonggos reunion. We haven't seen each other in such a long, long, long time that it was so nice to see everyone soo happy, soo together and so different and yet forever the same.
Kat and Eden, so pretty and forever blooming. badingerzy!
Mommy Bing, never guessing she has 3 kids when you look at her.
Donits and Pogs, always the partners and yet, they never stop arguing with each other.
Romer, very sport with the "goo-goo eyes" joke and with the game we played at the cheesecake shop in Blue Wave.
Rumel, always the sport, just smiling along, even when he was the object some joke.
And then there was Neil too! Always the bachelor, haahaha!
Then I also finally met Erwin's Tintin after a very, very long time! I barely recognized her because the last time I saw her, she had very, very short hair then.
And then Andrew and Tintin. I was quite happy that Andrew spent his last work days at Makati that I get to talk with him and Tintin (when she was also in makati office) for quite sometime before their last days.
Then there was Pearly and Art. Always the same.
Then of course, Jo and her Robert. Robert is a funny guy.. hehehe! It was nice to finally meet him. It could have been nice if they were able to join us at the Tagaytay but you know how being a tsonggo is: as long as it's lablayp, humayo ka! hahaahah!
Bri and Helena, the first couple.. Kelan ang next tsonggo baby???

For the 2006 newlyweds Reno-Minverva, Airish-Arubin: CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for bringing us all together! mwah! mwah! mwah!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Pictures! Pictures!

I finally uploaded pictures taken on Dec 21. See them here:

Tsonggos @ Balay Indang album for the Nuptial pictures.
Tsonngos Exchange Gift 2006 for the well, exchange gift pictures.


C-H-E-E-R-S for the upcoming year!
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