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Monday, May 07, 2007

Golden Week: Day 8

This was not really day 8. We spent day 8 packing this guy's stuff because he was being sent to Sapporo on another job with our feet still hurting from the 2 days of walking around Odaiba. He spent the night of Day 7 packing his stuff, me on moral support because I couldn't stand up with all the blood pressure on my feet. I couldn't use my feet, so I glorified my existence on Day 8 by dragging one huge, heavy suitcase (okay, I'm exaggerating about the heavy part) around up to the courier company's office to ship off his stuff. I did all the paperwork, slapped this guys back for doing a great job of landing himself a job outside the accessible-by-bus area and now here I am, wondering how on earth am I going to get a cheap plane ticket to visit him next month.

He's my fiance.
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Golden Week: Day 7

Day 7 was another fun day at Odaiba, this time with Bin and Rish. We had a knack out of doing a mock prenup pictorials by who else, Bin and Rish, on their brand new SLR camera (not this shot. I still have to get the pictures done by the Pros! hahaha!). We spent the day playing with our camera, riding a lot of cars at the Toyota showroom and then ate a lot of food, all italian. It was great just walking around Venus Fort and we had a small peek of the hula shows featured that day at the stage. We still couldn't figure out why the men dancing the hula had to have a lot of bulk (or fat?) when all they had to do was shake their booties with their fingers sticking out (think Sanjaya).
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Golden Week: Day 5 & 6

I spend day 5 with a little rest, and packing my clothes to 1 suitcase as I am, again, moving to another apartment. It took us until around 1am of Day 6 to pack a few stuff and to prepare ourselves for a day out at Odaiba. It's an official trip, sponsored by the office for us to refresh ourselves by enjoying the day. We had korean food for lunch, coffee for desert, movies in the afternoon and a lot of steak for dinner. Of course, we had our sightseeing in between activitites. Nice day, tired feet.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Golden Week: Day 4

First day of the month, golden week vacation and cheap cinema rates. We went to see Spiderman 3 yesterday and as usual, effects were great, Tobey McGuire is still spidey and John Franco (the new Goblin), I kind of liked him this time. I didn't like him in the past 2 Spidey movies, but I hate killing his character, not when he's gone nice and cute. MJ was wallowing in self-pity and really, really irritating this time and I just can't get the logic of the sandman. He's an annoying character that can't decide for himself if he wants to be a villain or a good guy. The movie was better off without him.

I think the movie was superrr hyped up and there were boring moments, but otherwise, it owned up to its name as the spidey movie because it was a cool movie anyway.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Golden Week: Day 3

Okay, this was his idea of a date. We went to visit the nearby Tokyo Sea Life Park, 1 station away from Disneyland train stop. The fishes were not something new. There was a full tank of tuna fishes on one of the exhibits and while seeing the magnificent fishes swimming around, all I can think of was "yum! yum!". Same thing with the squids and the crabs. I feel so bad for feeling hungry by seeing them swimming around happily on the aquarium.
Well anyway, my feet hurt by walking around, but it was fun to watch the adult penguins swim and dive around while the baby penguins try to learn how to dive and swim.
The trip to the aquarium was nice and refreshing. We had a nice korean meal afterwards at one of the malls in Shin Urayasu Station and then shopped till my feet literally went indisposed on me.
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