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Monday, March 29, 2004


i suddenly remembered what it was like on the first month of my driving experience. that was just january this year.. the very first time i took the car out to the office, i was so nervous i was sweating like a pig even my sisters (my passengers) were already complaining how cold the air conditioning was. i made it to the office (my father met me on a gasoline station, took my sisters with him and then i followed him.. pathetic huh?) and finally, i made it to the office. whew! but I had to meet high school friends in glorietta then so i had to drive myself along ayala avenue on a rush hour and then lo and behold! i got into an accident! my very first bump car experience (on a real car) was on the very first time! i prized myself with a dented bumper and was too scared to tell my father that I texted him the next day instead. hahaha! after that, i was still like a chicken as it is, but more careful now. As careful as i was, i still managed to collide with a car on my way home a few days later. Surprised was I to realize I was very calm.. did not panic and was able to have an agreement with the other car's driver-owner. coollll! after that, i got a crash course on how to deal with accidents and car insurance from my dad. and i thought everything ended there but of course not. :-( after that, i got a broken rear windshield, a mis-aligned wheel alignment, a couple of flat tires, dead batteries and the list would still go on and on and on and on... all in the span of 3 months. whew!

the power of sleep

aside from the really, really bad things that happened (and still happening) these past few weeks on my personal life, there's still the endless complication of work-related shit (which even had me working on a 240hr shift.. damn it!) that finally ended last friday. now suddenly, stress, lack of sleep and all the fatigue that built up on my body is now catching up on me.. and i believe the power of sleep will be the answer to all.......

summer getaways

aside from the very negative side of the story, i still managed to entangle myself with a few weekend, summer, pigging out, money-eating, tanning getaways. its something i have been looking forward for years!!! after going around japan for a couple of years, i have this dream of going around the philippines before i die. even if its quite difficult to set up dates so that we can all be available, i'm still glad the spirit of taking a summer vacation is still out there..

our first stop was puerto galera (last weekend of feb). almost everyone was soo excited the eve of our departure that we spent the saturday afternoon sleeping instead. hehehe! we had fun eating though!

2nd stop was ilocos norte (last weekend of march).. c/o our dear friend einstein! whew! it was great, fun, never-ending, tummy filling (yum yum!) and everything under the sun! literally. :-)

now, back to planet earth...

century old blog

its been a while since my last entry.. so many things happened.. most of them bad... i chose to be "autistic" on what's been happening to me... it still makes me cry like hell everytime i think about it... those were the times when i knew i can lean on my very best friends in the world.. the people who "help now and ask later".. i love them all.. i just hope i can show them how much i appreciated all their help these past months...