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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

new year with a BANG!!

Everyone seems to be blogging about their holiday these days but what the heck. I want to share my vacation...

my 2-week vacation was a looongggg slumber party... aside from our annual tsonggos christmas party, college and high school friends christmas party, I had something "on the side" last december..

dec 18 marked the christening of my niece Zoe Aiane at Lourdes Church Tagaytay. Little Zoe was the only baby christened with just a shrug on her shoulders when the priest poured water on her head.. She was asleep that time and never even batted an eyelash during the ceremony. We were so thankful that she's asleep then because she might have gotten bored and kept on producing bored noises (she, amazingly, can do that!) inside the church. The christening was done at the old church of Lourdes, instead of their new church (supposedly for weddings only). It was more of a chapel since it was quite small (and the place was packed!) but very pleasant.

Aside from the usual yearend parties, this year's holiday was the most relaxing of all my holidays ever. I just got to slumber and sleep ALL the time. I stayed up until morning everyday to either watch a DVD movie or play warcraft. I stay up until around 5 in the morning and stay asleep until around 1pm. It was a cycle of relaxing and good rest but unfortunately, it ruined my body clock. I'm still getting the hang of staying awake at night and sooooo asleep during the day until yesterday (don't know how it will be tonight though.... hihihihi).