So Slow

Slowing down the blogs

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Our pet dog "Boomer"

When I came home to the philippines, I finally met the 3 new members of the family - 3 pet dogs. Originally, there were 4 of them but the other one died a few weeks before I arrived. These 3 siblings are small, have unusually big ears (like that of a boxer) and a body of an "askal" (mongrel). Of course the first day I stepped onto our home and saw all three of them tied up, they were barking their tonsils out and never failed to show those scary, ready-to-bite teeth. I love dogs but I'm scared of them once they start showing teeth or seem to want to run after me or something. I was bitten by a Dachshund (yes, that short-legged long-bodied dog!) when I was 10 and I haven't forgotten that at all. Those 3 probably was not yet used to seeing a new face at home because they growl everytime they see me or hear my voice. They even chased me one saturday morning and I had to scream to my brother for help.

Anyway, over the few weeks, my mother said it's too difficult for her to take care of the 3 of them so they gave "Kukay" and "Tiger" away. Nobody among us had the heart to give them away but my sister finally gave in. It was a liitle sad for me too because I have gotten used to their presence (even if they still growl everytime I call out their names). Now it's all quiet because Boomer is all alone there.

With him alone, I thought maybe he won't growl at me anymore if I try to be friendly again. But unfortunately, he still starts growling and showing teeth and barking. Well, not until this morning anyway. :-) On my way to work today, I was happy (amidst the very heavy traffic) because he finally allowed me to pat his head this morning!!! No vicious teeth, no growling. Just a wagging tail and happy dog face. I felt like I decoded a "doggie code".

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The thing with the lights ON at bedtime

I had to stop myself from yelling and dragging my brother and sister out of my room last night (or was it this morning?) because I was not able to have a decent sleep with them hanging around my room from midnight till 4am this morning. I was already very grouchy when I arrived home last night because I really wanted to sleep early and my stomach was not feeling good and my bathroom toilet seems clogged and my brother keeps sending me text messages that he'll be home late and that he will be using my computer when he gets home and my sister was pestering me not to lock my room because she'll also be using my computer and my mother also convincing me to take a look at the red moon. arrggghhhhh!!! If they weren't doing school stuff, I could have transformed into a bitch already and chased them all out for me to get some sleep peacefully AND with the lights OFF.

Hohummm... its just one of those days that I have to be a good sister with a bad headache.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


I've been home barely 3 wks from a 2-year long business overseas and until now, I'm still a little confused on where exactly I am. Just now, during lunch, I suddenly felt like I was doing something different, but then again, it dawned to me that I was eating a homecooked lunch (homecooked means lunch cooked by a professional) and that I was eating alone. :-) It felt strange to me because for the past year, we stopped eating at the cafeteria (food sucks!) and I ate lunch with close friends on my table and we shared food and gossips (not stories). The food we ate was just something we tossed by ourselves the night before or some leftover from God-knows-where-and-how-long-it-has-been... beside the fact that we were so tired and sleepy and we had very little (if none) cooking experiences. Funny because we really did use the words "Eat at your own risk" (especially donits' cooking!).

I guess I can blame all their cooking skills for being slow on the adjustment department. :-)

On the slow track...

So slow. NOT me but the ride to work today was especially slow... must be keeping up on me.. the usual 1hr ride from home to work transformed from a time-when-i-can-take-a-nap-before-work to a dammit-why-can't-you-go-faster ride... i just hate being late and the only reason i can put the blame on me is that i chose the wrong ride. *sigh*