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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I have been tagged by Jill

  • I am: Hazel, a (truly) fat techno-addict, married to another techno-addict-dancer, a race car driver by day, a chef at night.
  • I think: I can swim.
  • I know: I can barely swim.
  • I have: 4 wonderful pilak girls that I miss very much.
  • I wish: that I can really, really swim.
  • I hate: ampalaya.
  • I miss: my bulate so much.
  • I fear: losing my memory.
  • I hear: my airconditioning noise, while writing this.
  • I smell: my papaye body butter I just put on my legs.
  • I crave: for freshly baked biscuits.
  • I search: for Heath Ledger movies.
  • I wonder: what I would be doing now if I joined the army
  • I regret: not being good with numbers now as I used to be when I was younger
  • I love: CHEESE!
  • I ache: living with my husband.
  • I am not: a bitch
  • I believe: in wearing clean underwear all the time.
  • I dance: a few ballroom dances, but I'd love to learn more.
  • I sing: but my husband makes me stop every time I do so.
  • I cry: when I'm angry or when I have a toothache.
  • I fight: for equal rights and for what's rightfully mine.
  • I win: but it's no big deal when I do.
  • I lose: my temper sometimes, and I hate it when I do.
  • I never: used a real gun before.
  • I always: eat with matching spoon and fork or chopsticks
  • I confuse: drama over the real world sometimes
  • I listen: to Jewel Songs like they are gospel songs.
  • I am scared: of violence.
  • I need: to exercise, I am gaining unwanted weight.
  • I am happy about: my marriage.
  • I imagine: me and my husband traveling the world until we both die.