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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Keeping "adobong-sushi" alive

Thanks to Irish for reminding me.. it would be great to keep adobong-sushi alive once more.. visiting the page (it was not very well constructed) is worthwhile.. another favorite is imagestation where we store much of our memories..

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

how are you?

I had the chance to hang out with a few of my close friends back in high school last weekend at home. They stayed for the night and what we originally planned to marathon the night away with movies ended up with an endless chat until midnight. We felt very old then because we were now talking about old times.. old classmates.. what's been happening to them.. and other "serious" chats that we never thought we'd do back in high school.. there's jen.. she's a very smart med student and she's the eldest among us friends but she still thinks like a 5-yr-old. she's "petite" and she hits you when she's amused with something. we thought she'd grow past those "hitting" days but after 12 years.. now that she's about to become a doctor and all, she still keeps on hitting us. we just developed the skill to avoid her hands everytime she does that.. and then there's leah... ever lovely.. ever hard working.. the girl who was always quiet and conservative then.. but after chatting with her.. she's definitely grown up... logi.. who's always cheerful.. full of news (tsismis, hehehehe) and have become bitter (but still cheerful) after a very bad breakup.. there's tintin far away.. very strong and having a hard time now.. i know she'll get past through it somehow.. and then there's jill.. a little far away.. very smart.. very bubbly.. very sarcastic.. and everytime I thought of her.. I always associate the phrase "intellectually stimulating" to her.. long story why..

Whew! people really change but.. not really.. I'm just glad we are still intact after all those years...

Friday, September 19, 2003

extending the blog community

irish is now online!!! Another addition to my daily habit of checking out what's going on with my friends out there.. welcome!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Avenging my "shinyushain" days

From yesterday, I have a couple of rascals on my disposal (a devilish laugh here that goes bwahahaha!). They're not little kids but a couple of grownup kids who are soo excited and soo eager to start a real work that I'm also getting excited on counting how many days will it take to wipe those I'm-the-best smirk off their faces. They will finally know how irritating they were during the time when we were all trying to finish the day's work while they were trotting around making noises and laughing at the top of their lungs while looking at their scores or whatever it is on the corkboard as if they were at the public market. I would love to think of one thousand and one ways to make them do the dirty work and everything that would make me free of all my duties and would make me look good to my bosses.

Now, the paragraph above sounds so Dilbert-y but really, everything on that comic strip happens here. I (and a few others) also made those people who, either are bosses or who think they are bosses, pay by completely ignoring them. Ignorance may seem to be a far cry for letting them know that they suck but really, those kind of people would die for attention that it kills them to be ignored.

I'm not one of them so I won't do the same thing to these new kids. I'll let them learn the hard way by feeding them to the sharks instead. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Of puto and latte

Puto and latte for breakfast sounds funny but yummmmyyyy! Eat breakfast on your office table, slip off your shoes, sit indian-style on your seat, open your internet browser and play music. All of these at 7am. Very refreshing..........

Monday, September 08, 2003


It suddenly dawned to me that I haven't been on a vacation for a long time now. I don't feel tired or wasted yet.. but I know, it won't be long till it will finally catch up on me.

Monday, September 01, 2003

beep beep

Working abroad for a while deprived me of the chance to improve my driving skills. 3 months after completing a course from driving school, I had to leave to work on a foreign country with exactly the opposite sense of direction. This caused me to almost got run over by a speeding car because i was looking at the wrong side when me (and 4 others) were trying to cross the street. This also caused further confusion on which is my right and left. The disorientation caused me a lot of trouble with my driving teacher during one of my classes because i knew where I wanted to go but my feet and my arms just won't obey my orders.

When I started driving practice yesterday, I felt relieved because somehow, I could still remember everything. I guess my father was correct when he said something about driving being an acquired skill and it won't go away even after years of not driving. I felt even more relieved because my father did not sweat out of fright. The last time we both went out for a driving practice, he was sweating all over and was nervous to death. =)

Some of my friends who'll read this might be a little surprised about this disorientation disorder that I have because its easy for me to remember places and roads and directions and I barely get lost. But it won't be much of a surprise for my friends who have seen me dance. :-) (pogs, this is a message for you NOT to make me dance on christmas!!!)