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Thursday, December 29, 2005

year end reminiscing

In 2005

we arrived in Japan in January

we went skiing in February

we had arrozcaldo cooking fiesta in March

we had the death march with Yanashima-sensei for the hanami at the Imperial Palace(Tokyo) in April

we enjoyed the spring sun at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Summerland in May

I had the gross pleasure of staying in a room stinking of puke due to a whiskey called early times in June

my rice cake masterpiece was nicknamed "diet biko" at Jayjay's birthday bash in July

I went to hongkong for a vacation as a treat to myself and bert for my birthday in August

went back home for a short time to be with friends (and loads of work) on September

enjoyed little Zoe's 1st birthday party at McDonalds Alabang in October

we hovered around the nearby shopping mall to let little Zoe enjoy what's left of the halloween decorations in November

and finally enjoyed the joy of coming home for christmas by having a final bowl of steaming hot ramen in december

Where's waldo?

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Find waldo and you'll find me. Haha, wish ko lang. We enjoyed a really cool winter day at Tokyo Disneyland with friends and officemates. Great weather that day.

Update at last...

Zoe at 14 monts
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With our office blocking all blog sites in the internet, I didn't feel like updating my blog when I can't see them.